50°C : Summer has Come!

Okay I know there’s a famous dialogue from Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming ” thought to just change it little bit.😂 

Most of the people haven’t faced this much heat except the one who stays in Middle East. Yes today a sudden beep from my Weather app  showed that today the temperature soared to 50° C. So its been a start of the mid Summer.

I have heard people saying that it crosses 60° but that’s too much and I completely ignore them😒. But July will going to be a lot Hotter with the temp staying still in afternoon. There are also a Rules that people should not been working outside in this temperature and certain companies are closed here. 

But soon after August the temperature will dip and and it will be the Start of the winter in which the temp will be as low as 0° C. But its still time and when it does I ll Post a Blog on that too 😃. See Ya!


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