Making New Friends !

Well  you are using Facebook for years and like everyday you Post, Chat with the friends you know and it continues the same and is very boring. But ever you have made any new Foreign Friends which you never thought you did meet them? Its been months I have been staying abroad and my activity on Social networks changed a little….. just 👌 much.

I came across Smule app where you can sing and peoples from all around the Globe Collab with you . This app has became my hobby and I usually Sing when I am free. So I came across a group on Facebook called ‘Singtopia’. It is a closed group with 9K members from all over the world meet. You need a Smule ID and some Collabs to join it.
So what I do is  I share my links on it and others join, Some have Meet ups, some makes an amazing group Songs, Weekly Themes to sing about that particular Genre etc. Since than I have made so many new friends, that we always join each other in Songs, chat, Discussions. I have been so much in love with this group that everyday there’s something new and entertaining to look for.

Here’s one of my Smule Duets that I had made with one of my Smule Buddies. If you one to come up with something to do in free time, check out the Smule app. 👌

Hope you liked it. 💜 (let me know if the Video is not Visible.)


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