In order to grow Change is necessary..

Hey Guys!

According to my experience, I just want to share my story..

I am diploma Holder in Engineering, and currently working in one of the Switchgear Company. Years back it was like a thumb rule where you get a Good Score in SSC, the only option we choose is science and going for an Engineering. But whenever someone asks me for a Suggestion I just tell them there are many options other than going for #engineering. I saw that the number of Engineers are way more than the vacancies available.

      So, I took a great step to start a career in #Safety. Of course, I had an interest and feel it’s a respectful job to ensure that the surrounding and peoples are safe. But when you are working for a very low salary and studying besides was the toughest challenge I ever faced.

     Heartbreaking was failing in the first attempt and Paying 70% of your salary for Re exams did put me on a breaking point and give up, but thanks to my family, they insisted me to give a one final try so I did. And now I am proud that I finally cleared IGC in Occupational Health and Safety.

    It’s truer that hard work always pays off, and I am excited to finally begin my role As a Safety Officer .

All I want to say is that “Life is all about taking Risk, if you never take a risk, You will never achieve your dreams.”

Have a nice day. Cheers!

#engineers #safety