Practicing Safety Culture in our daily life.

Hello everyone, I hope you too have experienced the same situation as me, few months before I was working for a shutdown project for Shell GTL, Qatar. It was a Mega Turnaround project with as many as 10k + employees were involved in this Mega turnaround, the project lasted for 90 days and it was a successful completion. Excited I was as it was my very first experience in Oil and Gas Industry as a Fire Watcher.

Why was this memorable experience for me?

     In this temporary project I learned the concept of Safety Culture* so deep that it has become my permanent habit wherever I go. So, Safety culture is the set of shared attitudes, beliefs, and practices demonstrated by workers at all levels of the company. So, it’s like positive safety culture connects everyone in the company around a common goal to measurably reduce near misses and incidents. It goes beyond following safety procedures and rules.

       This was not only followed on the site but it was followed even in my camp (Laffan Global Village), during Travelling, Transportation, Dining halls, Tents. I was impressed by the strict measures of maintaining the social distancing inside the bus and wearing Seat Belt which is compulsory and you will find it on every Seat. So, let’s take an example, if a visitor or any person forgets to wear a PPE or shows any unsafe behavior, then the group of individuals who are at the location will intervene or convince the person positively by keeping the three Golden words in mind of ‘Comply, Intervene and Respect’ to ensure he is safe by wearing proper PPE. The group or community following the safety measures will definitely change the behaviour or attitude of the person who is non-compliant with the safety measures. Out of the context example is that one rotten mango can spoil the whole mangoes in the basket but let’s make it Vice Versa, A group of people following the Safety rules will definitely change the perception of an Individual.

What changes this made in my Life and how do I follow it?

     Once I was back home in my country, I used to start the day with proper housekeeping, as it was said that it should be followed by all levels of the employees in the organisation. And I also heard by one of the staff that 70% of the hazards are eliminated by Good House Keeping. I have always been attentive while driving, crossing roads, climbing stairs, following signs, keeping people out of Line of Fire. ensuring boxes my Books kept on top shelves are secured, eliminating slip trip and fall hazards etc. Sometimes I do educated others about the Classes of fire and extinguishers and how to prevent them, indeed they show an interest in knowing and this will prove beneficial in case of emergency.

    Also, I feel that everyone should be aware of Life Saving Rules* where some of this can be followed everywhere in our day-to-day life. Here are some of the Lifesaving Rule that we must follow generally:

  1. Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins

2. Protect yourself against a fall when working at height

3. Follow the rules for working in toxic gas environments

4. Follow safe driving rules

5. Keep yourself and others out of the line of fire

6. Control flammables and ignition sources

     Therefore, I feel that it’s important to all the people in all sectors to learn a basic safety principle which can be followed in throughout their journey and staying away from hazards and creating a safe environment everywhere. I would like to hear your views or opinion on this. For more Life Saving rules do search ‘Life Saving Rules’. Have a great day and be safe.

*Safety culture and Lifesaving rules information has been taken from Google.


The Wave that crippled our System !

Hello Guys! Greetings of the Day!

        Well, it’s exactly a year after that I am posting a blog and it does make me feel excited about sharing my thoughts and opinions in front of you about the current situation that my country is facing. Since you are aware of my last Blog “What Lockdown taught Us?” well I have decided to share my concerns in this blog, for sure this will be the first one where you all be heartbroken and anguish for the situations that the country and the world is facing.

       As we experience a situation where we are given a chance to improve or to correct ourselves right when we do something wrong, right? Indeed, everyone has gone through this, whether it is a chance where we didn’t get caught while doing something unethical in organizations, cheating during Exams and even in our personal lives, doing frauds and many more, well of course there are instances where we think that we should be aware that this should not repeat again. Same applies to what our system did when they had got a chance in order to implement measures when the pandemic was in control.

If you have watched the movie Avengers: Endgame then for sure you must remember the below scene:

Here’s an Explanation:

        17th September! The day where the graph finally dipped low after six months and thanks to the decision of complete lockdown, there was finally a drop in the daily active cases in our country, we can call it a major step that our government had implemented to stop the spread of the virus, many frontline workers dedicated their lives and indeed we are thankful for them.

        15 February was a day where the new cases was mere 9K, so the government had 5 months’ time to tackle the situation and prepare if this type of situation comes in future, but as we know we just forgot that this pandemic is finally coming to an end there is help available if we get affected by this. Sad fact is politicians started doing rallies in states where thousands gathered, many religious events took place same no. of people gathered. No one thought of improving the facilities if this type is situation ever comes and not one was prepared. Currently 3 Lakhs active cases are rising daily.

I came across an article where one of the experts  at the John Hopkins Medicine quoted.

“The strict lockdown that was imposed last year slowed down Covid-19 pandemic in India giving the authorities time to ramp of requisite infrastructure but it forced people to be cooped up in their homes for long. Covid-19 protocol too came in along with the pandemic. Wearing a face mask, washing hands regularly and maintaining social-physical distance was advised and those who did not follow were penalised in some cases. Many people actually ended up spending about one year inside their homes, practically locked. So, when cases started declining, people just broke out of the shackles. Gatherings began becoming large particularly January onwards. Rules were relaxed. Penalties were not enforced. Even in metro trains of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru, people could be seen travelling without wearing a face mask. The pattern was seen across the country allowing the novel coronavirus to create a second and possibly stronger wave.”


So here is my explanation of ‘Everything’ the result given below?

  • Due to unavailability of beds and spaces in hospitals 2-3 Covid patients were forced to be admitted on a single bed, people admitted or resting on the floor and their member holding an Oxygen cylinder for support. (Source: Internet)
  • A sad incident where a woman in 80s sitting on a road with an oxygen cylinder and mask worn looking totally exhausted and fatigued. (Source: Internet)
  • Technical failure too caused many deaths, the one incident where a Leakage in Oxygen tank led to decrease in Pressure needed to support the critically ill patients who were on the ventilator support. 22 lost their lives because of this, imagine due to covid the oxygen level keeps dropping from 100 and on 15, you have a faith where there is a chance that you can survive and suddenly the supply is cut off. (Source: TOI)
  • A saddest news I came across is a 65-year-old journalist where he constantly tweeted that he is in need of urgent medical help, He sent a warning message on twitter that he needs to be admitted as he has got covid, many retweets and response came, the second tweet he shared a reading of oximeter where the reading dropped to 50 and he is facing breathing issue, just to inform that their shortage of oxygen cylinders and the ones that are available are needed in the hospitals. He again plead for help as he shared that the reading has been dropped to 31. Final tweet came where the body of the person was covered in the blanket on the bed and his loved ones crying staying a foot apart from him. His words were “I voted for the country. I didn’t vote for any party. I pray to god that nobody in your family faces what I am facing. (Source: Twitter.)
  • An incident where a Hospital for Covid Patients caught fire thus ending the lives of 15 Covid Patients. (Source: TOI.)

The incidents are many but this were some heart-breaking ones that we wish that they don’t deserve this. Currently 3 Lakhs Active cases are increasing daily…     

But on a positive side, there is hope. Many top companies came for help in building Oxygen production plants and manufacturing Covid kits so that there can be uninterrupted supply to the needy. Also, the government has prohibited the industries to stop using Oxygen for production and is directed to the states.

What we are waiting is for 1st May! when finally, the vaccination drive will start. It typically takes two weeks after you are fully vaccinated for the body to build protection (immunity) against the virus that causes COVID-19. The greater number of people who get vaccinated the more antibody will be developed thus reducing the risk of getting Covid.

So, let’s be safe by taking precautionary measures like not stepping out unnecessarily and wearing masks at all times and let’s pray that this pandemic soon comes to an end. Stay Safe! Cheers!

Note: The Featured image has been taken from the movie 'Five Feet Apart' and all Image credits goes to their respective owners.

What lockdown taught us?

Hi!   Its been a while since the last blog, so here we go…

In this 21st century we are living on a high paced world where a small delay or inconvenience makes our life hectic or miserable. And thanks to the technology that everything is upgraded in this digital world. But ever thought about what if our fast-growing life suddenly comes to a standstill? But for sure to prevent this kind of shutdowns our Researchers and Top-level experts always had a Plan B if this would happen.

But no one imagined that virus would have caused so much havoc that the whole world will come to a lockdown. We have come up with antibiotics and vaccines for epidemics and pandemics before, but this was something different that no one was ready to face and about 20 m people would have been affected. This tiny virus has prohibited us from from hugging, shaking hands and even made us to keep a distance of 1 m at least. I just remember the scene from the movie ‘Five Feet Apart’. =) The sad part is that the symptoms go unnoticed for number of days, and all of a sudden you get a cough, fever and other symptoms which are related to this virus.


But have you realized that this lockdowns have been done for the very first time and it’s been around 6 weeks (India.) and still continuing? We always had an excuse for sacrificing our passion for something because of our busy schedule and work life. Well the introverts will be the happiest people during this lockdown as its their daily routine to stay at home at all times.

  • People got a chance to do something they always had a passion to do.
  • Those who had an interest in cooking got an opportunity to try new recipes for their family, as well as a member we always motivate the chef so we keep enjoying tasty new dishes
  • You can survive without a junk food.

Crispy Chicken Balls

  •  A hardworking person who finally got a time to spend with their family. (A husband to a wife, a mom to her children, a son to her older parents and many others.)
  • Relationships are not defined by the physical distance.
  • What about Earth? Have you ever seen that the ozone layer that protects us from UV Radiation emitted from the sun is finally repairing itself after being depleted due to pollution and other gases.
  •  The rivers in the various cities once were polluted with oil and grease released from a motor boats are finally cleaned and there are some great visuals of Dolphins sightings in the cities.Yamuna-River_1714ac97539_large
  •  Just pulling those cruise ships out of the water is going to reduce the amount of global ocean water pollutants and noise almost instantaneously.
  • Maggie cannot be made in 2 minutes.
  • You will finally get bore even after sleeping.
  • Ludo finally came into Existence from Extinct
  • And finally Our parents is really our best friends, we just need to give them a chance.


But after all this we are praying that this Pandemic will soon come to an end and lockdowns will be lifted so that we can carry on our daily schedule, Indeed people are suffering and many have lost their livelihood, we are deeply hurt for the daily wage workers those who are affected. Also lets hope that the researchers and scientists come up with the medicines and Vaccines. Finally we believe that nothing lasts forever and in the end everything’s going to be okay. Cheers !

In order to grow Change is necessary..

Hey Guys!

According to my experience, I just want to share my story..

I am diploma Holder in Engineering, and currently working in one of the Switchgear Company. Years back it was like a thumb rule where you get a Good Score in SSC, the only option we choose is science and going for an Engineering. But whenever someone asks me for a Suggestion I just tell them there are many options other than going for #engineering. I saw that the number of Engineers are way more than the vacancies available.

      So, I took a great step to start a career in #Safety. Of course, I had an interest and feel it’s a respectful job to ensure that the surrounding and peoples are safe. But when you are working for a very low salary and studying besides was the toughest challenge I ever faced.

     Heartbreaking was failing in the first attempt and Paying 70% of your salary for Re exams did put me on a breaking point and give up, but thanks to my family, they insisted me to give a one final try so I did. And now I am proud that I finally cleared IGC in Occupational Health and Safety.

    It’s truer that hard work always pays off, and I am excited to finally begin my role As a Safety Officer .

All I want to say is that “Life is all about taking Risk, if you never take a risk, You will never achieve your dreams.”

Have a nice day. Cheers!

#engineers #safety

My life in Quora

We all have some or the other questions about something like what if… Or why is…. about things that we want an answer. I too keep on thinking about this all the time and trying to find the answers on my own. So one way, I used to post the question that came to my mind on Google Search, so each and every time when I searched it always directed me to Quora App. It happened like 7-8 times, so I decided to check it out and the result was amazing.

Quora is a question and answer website where questions are asked, answered, edited, and organized by its community of users in the form of opinions. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to answers that have been submitted by other users. In September 2018, Quora reported hitting 300 million monthly users. Users on Quora are known for writing long, blog post-like answers. You can ask literally anything you want. Like..

  • What will happen if everyone in the world jump at once?
  • What is Netflix and Chill?
  • What will happen if…
  • Why…..

The answers to your questions are given by the peoples itself. You will get many different opinions fron different peoples, you can also continue on by engaging in a conversations with them, I am a Quora User for 8 months now and I still use it whenever some question strucks in my mind. I usually give my opinions in topic of Cricket since I am a biggest fan. My one answer on ‘Has anybody won Lakhs in Dream11?’ got around 10K views with many up votes.

The more views you get, the more your answer will be shared to various Users who are searching. Also I was regular on Quora for about two months, posting or either answering. One day I was invited to join a Quora Partner Program where posting Fresh Questions which has not been asked before and also will prove useful to others can help you earn money. The more peoples engaged on my question the more contributions I will make. E.g.

I have made 10 $ in last month. Its not a good contribution, but better. For each question I earn like 1$ or less . The more your question it reaches to the users on Quora the more you will earn. It depends upon how many other users has a similar questions and looking for an answer.

Recently my following question got about 87.5K views and is the highest earning question with 4.8 $. That time Eminem’s ‘Kamikaze’ was trending and also the diss battle between Eminem and MGK. Here’s a pic…

Now in order to become a Quora Partner you need to engage more in app by questioning and answering on particular topics. I was randomly chosen I has asked about 16 Questions and answered like 100 times. I got a mail to join a program and I moved forward accepting it. So if you have any queries feel free to ask. Keep asking and helping others. Cheers !

(Check my profile at

A Small Deed !

Its been almost two years and I had an amazing experience in Kuwait. But as the days passed now there’s nothing to explore unlike the same day everyday, like a Deja Vu that keeps on happening again and again.

I was working in the Same Factory in Subhan for almost a 1.7 years. My role is performing a Line Inspection of Production Items which are produced from the CNC Machines. Total there are 12 Units in Ahleia and they are all closed by a mile each. Some are right behind one other. I was given a task to perform a Inspection of Items in one of the base Unit of the Ahleia, that is Unit 6. It is where the HR department and the Transformers are manufactured and also the biggest store of all units is located there.

So usually everything was new to me, like the infrastructure, departments, Peoples, Supervisors etc. Also it has the biggest Dining as compared to other units (factories). 500 people can have lunch at a time. When I used to have a lunch I saw that an Old man around maybe 60 – 70 years used to break a Khuboos ( circular bread which is made of wheat mostly common in Middle East ) into tiny pieces and put it into a plastic bag. I see him everyday at the same time filling 2-3 bags with very tiny pieces of Khuboos.

All Employees handed a left over Khuboos to him and he used to Calmly says Thank You with a smile on his face. I couldn’t resist keeping quiet and just watching him do that activity so I approached to him and ask him that why does he do that often and everyday. He told me that after the lunch time is over he has a place where he feeds it to the Birds and other pets outside the Unit. He also said if you threw a pieces of food on a cement floor it will rot and spoil but if you keep it on a sand then it lasts longer and any time the Birds and other animals can feed on them. He told that he has started it recently but I think does it every summer.

I realise that I live in a country where the temp soars to whooping 50° C for months and how does this creatures will survive if we don’t think about them. We can’t see their sufferings and they can’t speak, This Old Man is truly a Hero to them and because of him there is a chance of Survival for the Birds and animals.

I want to deliver a message to everyone that why shouldn’t we start think of other species do a favour of keeping atleast a water in a can or a tray outside the window, so that the birds can feed and drink on then when required, you will not see the soon and the water will dry out but for sure there will be thirsty ones that will be searching for water to survive. Please ignore my grammars and other mistakes in this blog and I hope this idea has clicked your mind. Do share your views in comments.

Do check out my other Blogs based on my personal experience in life.

Adios !

Its time for IPL 2018 !

Well its been months that wrote my last blog on WordPress and now I have decided to start again. Its common right when you find something new and you get so much addicted but slowly that fun and interest goes on decreasing and then you take a break. Same thing happened to me as I got busy In my work and my Life was like ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’.

Lets get back to the one Worlds Most Entertaining, Money making (well for players) Cricket League IPL 2018. Those who aren’t aware of IPL well Indian Premiere League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested during April and May of every year by teams representing Indian cities and some states.

Total 13 games have been completed and my favourites Mumbai Indians has not yet open their first Victory. Today is their Fourth game against the mighty RCB ( Royal Challengers Bangalore ) and I feel its time for MI to get back on winning track. What I love about MI is

  1. My home City.
  2. Team Owned by Reliance founder Mukesh Ambani’s wife Neeta Ambani.
  3. Not because of her but her foundation of EFA Education for all ! where raised money helps in teaching Underprivileged kids and promoting Sports.
  4. Legend Sachin Tendulkar has competed in first 3 editions of the IPL.

So let’s wait for tonights game to begin and watch my Favourite team begin their winning momentum. Cheers!


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Its new Beginning !

Hello !

Its been like 3 months I haven’t Blogged. I have been very Busy and its been almost a year in Kuwait. There were some known Bloggers who I was in touch with back then.

Well I just want to Share you about my Interest in Sports. Theres no other feeling than doing things in life which you have dreamed of . Since Childhood I have been playing and Watching Cricket. I have dreamed of playing at district or national level but as we know my Country is huge and Millions other have same Interests like me fighting to achieve it. 

I didn’t achieved it in India. But here I got a chance to play for a Local Club 🙌 name Trinity. I have been so happy since then. Days are passing by for me one of the reasons I don’t want to leave Kuwait is Cricket. My team members are amazing and have great skills and also boosts my confidence by giving suggestions .

This is a new beginning and let’s see how far it goes. I thought I would love to share it with you and hope you like it . Cheers 

Pakistan vs World Xl !

International Cricket has returned to Pakistan after many years and Pakistan Fans are very happy. Pakistan will be playing with World Xl team which is the mixture of top players from various teams including South Africa, England, West Indies, New Zealand etc.

The World XI outfit, led by South Africa’s captain, Faf du Plessis, has an array of superstars and renowned players. The ultimate aim of the three match series is to announce the resumption of cricket in the nation ravaged by political tensions for some time now.

Pakistan however, dealt a blow recently, when their ace pacer Mohammad Amir underwent fitness issues. Currently playing the county in the UK for Essex, Amir was recently ruled out of a game, owing to him failing a fitness Test. As a result, his participation in the three match series now remains critical.

However, former England captain and a member of the World XI team, Paul Collingwood was quite upbeat about the series. In his article for, Collingwood praised the move to resume cricket in the nation.

Pakistan Squad: Sarfraz Ahmed, Fakhar Zaman, Ahmed Shehzad, Babar Azam, Shoaib Malik, Umar Amin, Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Mohammad Nawaz, Fahim Ashraf , Hasan Ali, Aamer Yamin, Mohammad Amir, Rumman Raees, Usman Khan, Sohail Khan

World XI Squad: Faf du Plessis, Hashim Amla, George Bailey, Paul Collingwood, Ben Cutting, George Elliott, Tamim Iqbal, David Miller, Tim Paine, Thisara Perera, Darren Sammy, Samuel Badree, Morne Morkel, Imran Tahir

The match is Scheduled tomorrow ( 12 September ) at 5:00 pm AST . So sit back and Enjoy the Game. Any Queries do Comment below 👇

My 7 Months Journey in living Abroad

Its been 7 month I have been staying in Kuwait. I remember as soon as I Step outside Kuwait Airport, for the first time in life I experienced how it feels to live in 0°C. And reaching the Camp at 1:00 am and first day at work at just 5:00 am the same day 🙇 . Whenever I remember that day it always make a uncomfortable and sad for a moment.

So there are amazing places to visit in Kuwait and the most common is the Kuwait City, the capital and I also call it the centre of Kuwait. Its the only place where you will get to see high Skyscrapers and Huge companies than any other in the country. And to be honest the only people you ll see are Indians 😀. Apart from there are otherss from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippines.

So if we talk about the food then there’s everything I you ll find. Here Kuboos is very Common, it is roti made with wheat flour or all purpose flour. Before, kuboos was more familiar for malayalees who had a Middle East connection. But now it is in for everyone. Given here is an easy to make recipe. Khubz is usually baked in hot oven, but here we are going to prepare it in a flat non-stick pan.

I have been to Salmiya city and I think its the place where lots of Goans live. There are malls, hotels, beach and a big park where its called a Salmiya Garden. Its always been fun if you have close friends or relatives Staying here. My day Starts and its like Eat Sleep Work Repeat and it goes on. About holidays compared to India is less but the number of leaves is more that what I get in India. 3 Days Hala February, 3 days Ramadan Eid, and few days back I got 5 days off on Bakri Eid.

One of the best things about living in Kuwait is you will find ‘n’ number of Super Cars, definitely I m a fan of Super cars. Ferrari, Porsche, Chevrolet (Camaro) you name it. I have made a Collection of pics of Supercars I have seen here. 🙌

But there’s a lot to explore yet, I haven’t yet visited The Kuwait Towers some beaches yet and I still have 1.5 months….Cheers ! 💜