Viva Sao Joao !

Summer is gone and the rains come along and if that is a reason enough to jump around in the water, then the feast of st. John the baptist could be it. One of the famous christian feasts in the state, the feast of St.John the baptist is celebrated on the 24th of June by young men all over Goa jumping into well to retrieve gifts thrown in by villagers.

San joao or St. john the Baptist baptized jesus in the river jordan. The jump into the well is to signify the joy felt by john when he sensed the presence of jesus christ even while he was in his mother’s womb.

Kids wearing a crown made of flowers and leaves, these form the highlight of San Joao.

 The traditions followed are so fascinating that one cannot help but participate in it. On this day, people of all ages jump into well, streams and ponds. This is done generally in the spirit after imbibing Goa’s famous liquor ‘feni’ and singing ‘viva sao joao’. Youngster’s procession is held where they go from door to door and collect liquor and fruits. They then offer their prayers and collectibles in a water body in their town. New brides and marriageable girls are blessed and they throw flowers, vegetables and seasonal fruits in the water to fullfil their wishes. Many other youths then jump into the water to collect them.

 The highlight of the day is the ‘sangodd’, a decorated floating platform, on which people parade singing mandos and religiuos hymns. The sangodds are uniquely decorated and members of that sangodd wear a uniform dress to distinguish themselves from the groups. This is also a time to celebrate one’s spirit of adventure. So, on this day there are a number of competitions that youngsters participate in. some of the beings the siolim boat parade, prizes for headgears, décor and costumes. People wear headgears or crowns made up of tender coconut leaves or flowers known as ‘copel’ and lively music is played on the ghumot (goan musical percussion instrument) and kansallem (cymbals).

 Fruits arranged in homes to celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist in Goa
 In the village of benaulim- south goa, which has the church of Saint John the Baptist, there is a 9 day novena before the feast day. On the feats day itself there are football matches, singing and dancing apart from the gastronomical delights of traditional goan food which includes sorpotel and sannas, feijoadas, sausage pullao among other foods and plenty of feni to go around and camaraderie to top it all off. People gather together to have fun and enjoy good company.

 Locals celebrating Sao Joao (the feast of St. John the baptist) by playing local instruments and dancing to Goan fork music.

 Sao joao, like any other goan festival has the captivating spirit and merriment, colour and tradition. It is celebrated with such pomp and gaeity. There is so much good energy travelling around with all the happiness and laughters. It is truly something hard to miss when you are around in Goa! And for youngsters who think all this is such a bore, there is always parties that they can attend!

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Streak has Ended!

It is said that Records are meant to be broken so did Pakistan defeated India. India were lucky after winning the Toss and as usual they decided to Bowl first but the Fakar Zaman’s 114 knock took the score to 338 for 4 wickets.

India didn’t maintain their position as the wickets kept going and also the required rate soaring . Hardik Pandya was the batsman to score 76 runs after he was run out. Pakistan won the title after 1992 Worldcup and Tweets were flowing as Indians dejected with the loss. 
So here I end my ChampionsTrophy Blog saying Over and Out! ( Mic Drops)

What a Wonderful Day!

There’s something different today. I feel so Happy and Relaxed because its weekly Off and I am at my Uncles place 🙌. Sunrise at 5:00 am and attending Church at 6:00 make me feel fresh.

Well to all my Beloved friends have a great day. Wait !  Heres an early morning pic, I always end my Blog with a Picture. 😊

Tournament of Surprises !

So here’s how its been Australia has been frustrated with draws. India were shocked when Srilanka Chased the mammoth score of 321 and defeated them. Yesterday Bangladesh defeated New Zealand by 6 wickets in hand 😂

So the question arises who will qualify for the Semi Finals? The Group B teams are all on 2 points each and in Group A with England qualifing today’s battle betweens Australia and England will prove which team will make it to the Semis. Tomorrow India and South Africa should win in order to qualify for the Semis.

This Week is going to be lot of fun and exciting Contest and we just need to Sit back and Relax 😊


Well I hope everyone must be knowing the Sing app by Smule. Its an app where many people sing karaokes and others Collab with them making a Song. There are many talented people who has a followers like 42-300K that’s huge on this app.

So getting back on track some people creates challenge uniting many users and joining them. Trifecta Challenge was created by @AlexiMusic one of the popular User in which the theme was to sing with Whistle, Gargle and Bark the song name ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. So after many joins he Merged all the video creating a perfect Funny ‘Trifecta Challenge’. I bet you will have fun watching it till the end.

I too participated and you can watch it. so Sit back and check it out. Cheers 🙌 (Please do let me know if the cannot play.)

Its India Again !

Just like last time India defeated Pakistan in Champions Trophy leading on top of the table by 2 points. Pakistan were lucky in a Toss and decided to bowl first but looks like their Strategy didn’t came into effect as poor fielding and couple miss catches affected them to the Mammoth score of 319. Brilliant innings played by Rohit Dharma, Virat Kohli, Shikar Dhawan and Yuvraj Singh all scoring half century.

There were Showers in the middle of the game but it couldn’t last for a an hour but reducing overs to 48 in Indian Innings and 41 overs 266 target for Pakistan . Hardik Pandya’s three Sixes took the score above 300 in the last over. Pakistan’s first wicket partnership made a slight impact but couldn’t carry on further as the partnership was broken by B.Kumar taking Leg Before Wicket of Ahmed Shehzad.

But soon after Pakistan couldn’t hold the grip and kept on losing wickets getting all out on 164 and India winning by 124 runs by D/L Method. Man of the match was Yuvraj Singh with his incredible knock of 53 in 32 balls with 8 fours and a six. India vs Pakistan has always been an entertaining match and I am excited to watch then further soon 🙌

Champions Trophy 2017

Its Champions Trophy time and the stakes are high. Following teams will participate in this tournament.

Group A : England, Australia, New Zealand,                    Bangladesh.

Group B : India, Pakistan, South Africa,                           Srilanka.

The first game was played between Bangladesh and England and guess what England defeated them chasing 305 runs with Joe Root Scoring a century.

But tomorrow is the big day as its India vs Pakistan 😂

Almost all were waiting for this day to arrive, so do not forget to watch it tomorrow at 12:30 AST. #MaukaMauka. India thrashed Bangladesh scoring 324 runs in 50 Overs and winning by a big margin in Practice Match.

So I will wrap up my blog by saying that the competition is tough and unpredictable. Guess we have to find out who will lift the Title in the end? 😊

Cheap Thrill Fan !

Well Sia’s Cheap Thrills has won many Hearts and it is the song which keep on going through your mind. Well my todays post is about my Cousin ‘Marvel’ . Most of the people who have been in touch with my blogs from the start are familiar as I had published the blog ( Here’s a link 👇)

I just want to share a link on her dancing on favorite song Cheap Thrills . 😍 ( Click on link and not the Post)

I 💜 Cheap Thrills ! Good one baby 😘😘 #Dance #CheapThrills #Sia #Girl #DancingMoves #Original

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I Miss you Dad !

It hurts to think that you are not here anymore. Although I can’t help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive. I miss you dad.

I was just 5 years old when he left me forever. I just remember little memories of him carrying me wherever he goes, waking up for school and me crying always as I didn’t want to.
Life was very hard since then today I can imagine how my mom must have suffered, how she brought us up together till we completed school and college. Specially my younger sis ‘Austina’ She was born a year after my DAD passed away. 😔

She even didn’t know how he was and what were the things that we did together . Whenever she would ask me a question about him I would change the topic as I didn’t know what to say. But our life was not ended but it was changed.

Every time at 12:00 am on my Birthday, the Birthday wishes keep on flooding. But I spend that moment silently crying remembering those old memories I had with my dad, what would have been if he was still with us. The memories flashes through my eyes on that day every year. We wouldn’t have struggled a lot for job, Financial problems etc.

(One of the old pics..)

Now here I stand on my fathers footsteps to help my family in needs through good and bad times. And its been 19 years and I still miss you Dad ! 😊