Women Power : WWC Finals

​Harmanpreet Kaur‘s scintillating 115-ball unbeaten 171 against Australia in the semi-final of the 2017 Women’s World Cup was one of those innings that will go down in history as one of the best ever.

The Indian all-rounder made otherwise ‘world-class’ Aussie bowlers look helpless as she continued to humiliate them by knocking boundary after boundary. The 36-run victory on Thursday helped India book a spot in the finals, where they will face hosts England.

After Indian skipper Mithali Raj elected to bat first on winning the toss in a rain-shortened 42-overs-a-side semi-final at the County Ground, Kaur hammered her third One-day International ton, filled with 20 fours and seven massive sixes, to set a daunting 282-run target for the opponents to chase.

Australian Women tried their best in their batting with Blackwell scoring 90 and Villaini  75 but was all out on 245 runs at 41.1 overs.
India will face the mighty England on Sunday at London, and we are prepared for it. I wish our Womens team Luck and give their best in finals and make India Proud 💜


RIP Chester !

I grew up listening to #LinkinPark Songs, and this was a shocking news about the Tragic death of Lead Singer Chester Bennington. Linkin Park is incomplete without you. We will Miss you 💔💔

Narcos and Chill !

When your life is like ‘Eat Sleep Work Repeat’ it gets a hell lot of boring , to be honest the Camp life Sucks. I spent one month Watching Game of Thrones Seasons and the days went very fast. But now after four months I decided its better to start something to watch other than Movies just to spend my time. 

My friend suggested me to watch ‘Narcos’ Based on the life of Pablo Escobar and I have been addicted to this series. So I have been currently on 4 episode of Season 1. You can say its a start. I decided that to share some of the facts of Pablo Escobar in today’s Blog :

  • Pablo Escobar Grew Up Poor.
  • The First Time he got Arrested he Made the Case Disappear.
  • He Imported the Majority of Cocaine to the United States in the 80s.
  • He Smuggled in 15 Tons of Cocaine Daily to the United States.
  • He was making around 60 millions Dollars Per day.
  • They Spent $4,000 a Month on Rubber bands for Cash.
  • $2.2 Billion Had to Be Written Off Yearly Due to Rats.
  • His daughter wanted a Unicorn and made it happen, weird right 😂

There’s lot more, but even I don’t want to see it because it will ruin my excitement to watch the show. Guess what you can click on the below link and check it out.

Source: http://www.thefactninja.com/pablo-escobar-facts

Pic credits: http://www.all hatisinteresting.com

Beauty of My Native Place!

Today I am going to share about my native place Sawantwadi. Sawantwadi is located in Sindhudurg district in Maharashtra, about 20 Kms from the border of Goa-Maharashtra. So whenever you are travelling to Goa by Bus you will see a lake called ‘Motion Talao’ when passing by.

About the Environment, temperature is normal about 25-27°C in Winter but may dip to as low as 20. In the morning you shouldnt miss your walk at the Talao and you will be accompanied by many local peoples. Its very hot in summer specially from 11am – 4 am.

There’s a Milagris High School, Colleges and various Courses to do here. So once Students completes their graduation they move to main cities for further studies. You will find a Palace, Shilpagram and many other places to visit. Few Kilometres from this town theres Amboli Water Falls which has became a tourist attraction during Monsoon. 

Parents take their kids to ‘Shiv Udyan’ Garden which has many slides Swings for childrens to play. About the food you will find various dishes but you should try a ‘Malvani Dish’ with different variety of Curry, Fishes, Sweets,chapati and more. Hotels like Mango, Lake Palace will provide you with mouth watering dishes. 

So if you ever plan to visit Goa , do stop by and visit this amazing place 👍

50°C : Summer has Come!

Okay I know there’s a famous dialogue from Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming ” thought to just change it little bit.😂 

Most of the people haven’t faced this much heat except the one who stays in Middle East. Yes today a sudden beep from my Weather app  showed that today the temperature soared to 50° C. So its been a start of the mid Summer.

I have heard people saying that it crosses 60° but that’s too much and I completely ignore them😒. But July will going to be a lot Hotter with the temp staying still in afternoon. There are also a Rules that people should not been working outside in this temperature and certain companies are closed here. 

But soon after August the temperature will dip and and it will be the Start of the winter in which the temp will be as low as 0° C. But its still time and when it does I ll Post a Blog on that too 😃. See Ya!

Viva Sao Joao !

Summer is gone and the rains come along and if that is a reason enough to jump around in the water, then the feast of st. John the baptist could be it. One of the famous christian feasts in the state, the feast of St.John the baptist is celebrated on the 24th of June by young men all over Goa jumping into well to retrieve gifts thrown in by villagers.

San joao or St. john the Baptist baptized jesus in the river jordan. The jump into the well is to signify the joy felt by john when he sensed the presence of jesus christ even while he was in his mother’s womb.

Kids wearing a crown made of flowers and leaves, these form the highlight of San Joao.

 The traditions followed are so fascinating that one cannot help but participate in it. On this day, people of all ages jump into well, streams and ponds. This is done generally in the spirit after imbibing Goa’s famous liquor ‘feni’ and singing ‘viva sao joao’. Youngster’s procession is held where they go from door to door and collect liquor and fruits. They then offer their prayers and collectibles in a water body in their town. New brides and marriageable girls are blessed and they throw flowers, vegetables and seasonal fruits in the water to fullfil their wishes. Many other youths then jump into the water to collect them.

 The highlight of the day is the ‘sangodd’, a decorated floating platform, on which people parade singing mandos and religiuos hymns. The sangodds are uniquely decorated and members of that sangodd wear a uniform dress to distinguish themselves from the groups. This is also a time to celebrate one’s spirit of adventure. So, on this day there are a number of competitions that youngsters participate in. some of the beings the siolim boat parade, prizes for headgears, décor and costumes. People wear headgears or crowns made up of tender coconut leaves or flowers known as ‘copel’ and lively music is played on the ghumot (goan musical percussion instrument) and kansallem (cymbals).

 Fruits arranged in homes to celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist in Goa
 In the village of benaulim- south goa, which has the church of Saint John the Baptist, there is a 9 day novena before the feast day. On the feats day itself there are football matches, singing and dancing apart from the gastronomical delights of traditional goan food which includes sorpotel and sannas, feijoadas, sausage pullao among other foods and plenty of feni to go around and camaraderie to top it all off. People gather together to have fun and enjoy good company.

 Locals celebrating Sao Joao (the feast of St. John the baptist) by playing local instruments and dancing to Goan fork music.

 Sao joao, like any other goan festival has the captivating spirit and merriment, colour and tradition. It is celebrated with such pomp and gaeity. There is so much good energy travelling around with all the happiness and laughters. It is truly something hard to miss when you are around in Goa! And for youngsters who think all this is such a bore, there is always parties that they can attend!

(Source : InnGoa.com http://inngoa.com/festivals/viva-sao-joao/ )


Streak has Ended!

It is said that Records are meant to be broken so did Pakistan defeated India. India were lucky after winning the Toss and as usual they decided to Bowl first but the Fakar Zaman’s 114 knock took the score to 338 for 4 wickets.

India didn’t maintain their position as the wickets kept going and also the required rate soaring . Hardik Pandya was the batsman to score 76 runs after he was run out. Pakistan won the title after 1992 Worldcup and Tweets were flowing as Indians dejected with the loss. 
So here I end my ChampionsTrophy Blog saying Over and Out! ( Mic Drops)